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7 Halton Parks Rated Best to Worst

How did you come up with this rating? The number of activities, the length of the trails, and our overall experience at each one determined the position from best to worst. Of course, this might not be the same for you but if you had to choose which parks to start with first, here is our recommendation:

Halton Parks

1. Kelso Conservation Area

Kelso Conservation Area deserves a whole day of exploration to fit in the abundance of activities from swimming to hiking to camping and more. It provides your family with all the outdoor activities that you would want to do.

Hilton Falls Conservation Area

2. Hilton Falls Conservation Area

The Hilton Falls Conservation Area boasts of rushing rivers, waterfalls, and a picturesque reservoir. The cascading greenery throughout the hiking trails made it a joyous adventure to the Hilton Falls waterfall.

Rattlesnake Point Lookout

3. Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

The Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area boasts of soaring turkey vultures, scenic look-out points, and thousand-year-old cedars. Take in panoramic views from Rattlesnake Point, Nassagaweya and Buffalo Crag lookouts and shuffle to the edge to watch the rock climbers ascend.

Halton Parks

4. Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Nestled away from the crowds, Mount Nemo Conservation Area has sprawling short trails to explore and breath-taking escarpments. It offers views of the CN Tower, rock climbing and the seclusion adventurers are looking for.

Halton Parks

5. Mountsberg Conservation Area

Full of rescued birds, the Raptor Centre located in Mountsberg Conservation Area provides a great place to take your kids. That’s right rescued birds, not dinosaurs or basketball players. Full of fresh air, Mountsberg is bursting with animals from horses to bison to frogs – trust us, A LOT of frogs.

Crawford Lake Conservation Area

6. Crawford Lake Conservation Area

Crawford Lake Conservation Area can be accessed through Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area and vice versa. Home to Crawford Lake, an Iroquoian village learning centre, and soaring turkey vultures take the opportunity to explore via the boardwalk.

Hiking at Halton Parks

7. Robert Edmonson Conservation Area

Robert Edmondson Conservation Area is by far the smallest. Away from the busy crowds at the other six parks, it allows you the opportunity to spend some time reflecting, meditating or enjoying a picnic around the reservoir.

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