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Visiting the Raptor Centre

Are you from Toronto, or perhaps even Ontario? When someone says “Raptor Centre,” do your thoughts automatically go to the basketball team? If they do, you aren’t alone.

Full of rescued birds, the Raptor Centre located in Mountsberg Conservation Area provides a great place to take your kids. That’s right rescued birds, not dinosaurs or basketball players. Full of fresh air, Mountsberg is bursting with animals from horses to bison to frogs – trust us, A LOT of frogs.

Halton Parks Lake

Getting to Mountsberg Conservation Area

Driving down Milburough Line, proceed down the long driveway stopping to collect and pay for your permit. During the week there was no entrance attendant and we decided to pay at the next park – Kelso Conservation Area.

Recommendation: As there isn’t a guarantee of having an attendant at the entry, bring the right amount of money for the permit.

Raptor Centre

Not knowing what to expect from the Raptor Centre we were pleasantly surprised to find rescued birds ranging from owls to hawks to vultures, each with their own unique story.

Raptor Centre

Trying to find Mountsberg’s hiking trails we made our way around and came across horses, bison and a reservoir. We quickly completed these trails and moved onto the next ones using my MAPS.ME app to find them. We needed to cross the railway tracks on the other side of the Discovery Centre. The trails were grass thus making it full of frogs, so with every step, literally, frogs jumped out of the grass. Accidentally, I kicked a frog in mid-air! The trails didn’t lead anywhere worthy of pictures but a great place to take your family for the day.

Mountsberg Trails

Things to Know Before You Go

  • The Discovery Centre has washrooms
  • If you love frogs this is the place to go, if you don’t avoid at all costs!
  • Your daily entrance fee receipt provides access to ALL Halton Parks for that same day, so if you can hit up multiple parks.
  • Parking is included with your park pass, so just display it on your dashboard
  • The hiking isn’t difficult

Total Cost = $0 CAD

  • Admission was $7 CAD but was paid at Kelso Conservation Area

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