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Canada: Hilton Falls Conservation Area

Hilton Falls Conservation Area

You know in teen movies when they have the popular kids and everyone wants to be “in” with them. That’s kind of what it felt like when I was the only one from my department invited out to lunch with the sales team. I was part of the “in-crowd” or so it felt at the time. About 11 of us in which 3 were female. Why is that important to mention? The sales manager was obsessed with the waitress, talking about her appearance, whether her breasts were real, and analyzing each and every one of the waitresses. Some of the men joined in the conversation, talking openly because hey, why not, their boss was! Some of the men said nothing, and us three girls sat there in uncomfortable silence. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve discussed anatomy with my friends before, emphasis on friends. Not with a boss, not with a person in power and definitely not at a work lunch. Why am I highlighting this? Because this needs to change. You shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable at work. Why didn’t you mention this to HR? I was only a few months into my employment and if I said anything I wouldn’t be in the “in-crowd,” eventually I didn’t care to be anymore.

One of my favourites out of the seven Halton Parks, the Hilton Falls Conservation Area boasts of rushing rivers, waterfalls, and a picturesque reservoir. The cascading greenery throughout the hiking trails made it a joyous adventure to the Hilton Falls waterfall.

Hilton Falls

Getting to Hilton Falls Conservation Area

Driving down Campbellville Road, you will see a sign to the Hilton Falls Conservation Area. At the entrance is where you can pay the admission, as I had already paid at another park I just showed my receipt and drove in. After parking, head back towards the visitor information centre to find the beginning of the pathway. The trail splits into two, I proceeded left to hike to Hilton Falls before the rush of people. The difficulty level of the trail is low and can easily be accomplished with running shoes on.


There are wooden stairs down to the base of the Hilton Falls and an area to grab some photos. After snapping some Instagram photos, I made my way to the reservoir. The trail along the reservoir was definitely one of my favourites because it was unexpected, more of an off-beaten track and had a little waterfall as well.

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Bring water – hydration is essential!
  • Parking is included with your park pass, so just display it on your dashboard
  • Your daily entrance fee receipt provides access to ALL Halton Parks for that same day, so if you can hit up multiple parks.
  • Bring bug spray as the trails are shaded
  • There are washrooms (similar to an outhouse) on site and are throughout the trail
  • The trail isn’t difficult and would be easy for small children and the elderly

Total Cost = $0 CAD

  • Admission of $7 CAD was paid at another park

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