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Hiking Mount Nemo Trail (Bruce Trail)

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you know I start by writing what has been on my mind. Hiking the different Halton Park trails these last few times made us reflect on my own experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace. There are several reasons people don’t come forward to HR. For me, it was fear of losing my job, but also knowing that nothing would change. How did you know nothing would change? Let me explain. I won an award along with three others for being an outstanding employee at the company holiday party. I was congratulated by co-workers and was ecstatic about winning until I was cornered by a vice president. Previously, he had said off comments to me and I wasn’t a big fan of his nor was he of mine. He told me he voted for me and he was the reason I won, which we both knew was a lie. Staring at my chest the whole time he then proceeded to tell me he wanted to see me drunk. He took what was supposed to be a happy moment in my life and made it feel icky and uncomfortable. He has said inappropriate comments to females before and in front of the other executives at the company, and yet nothing changed. The top executives just nervously laughed it off and did nothing. They are complicit in his actions. I even told my boss on two separate occasions that the vice president was a “sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen” and he never asked me why I thought that, never questioned it. Each time I think back to my experience at this company I feel outraged with myself for not speaking up each time but also saddened by those in management for sitting by and letting it happen.

Nestled away from the crowds, Mount Nemo Conservation Area has sprawling short trails to explore and breath-taking escarpments. It offers views of the CN Tower, rock climbing and the seclusion adventurers are looking for.

Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Getting to Mount Nemo

Slowly go down Guelph Line as the entrance pathway was hidden and could easily be driven past. We went during the week, so the booth wasn’t occupied to pay via credit card, rather an envelope was to be used with cash. Since we didn’t have exact cash, we decided to pay at the next park with an attendant. In comparison to Rattlesnake Point and Hilton Falls, the Mount Nemo trails are shorter in length with a few views here and there.

Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Bring water – hydration is essential!
  • Parking is included with your park pass, so just display it on your dashboard
  • Your daily entrance fee receipt provides access to ALL Halton Parks for that same day, so if you can hit up multiple parks.
  • Bring bug spray as the trails are shaded
  • The CN Tower can only be seen on a clear day

Total Cost = $0 CAD

  • Admission was $7 CAD but was paid at Kelso Conservation Area

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