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Swimming at Kelso Lake

The last on the list of the seven Halton Parks to visit, Kelso Conservation Area deserves a whole day of exploration to fit in the abundance of activities from swimming to hiking to camping and more. It provides your family with all the outdoor activities that you would want to do.

Getting to Kelso Conservation Area

Driving down Kelso Road, you will see a noticeable sign to Kelso Conservation Area. An attendant is present at the entrance in order to pay for the park permit. The laneway splits into two with the left path taking you towards the back which is where we parked our car next to the lake.

We decided to begin with the hike first and made our way to the start of the trail. We opted for the shorter trail with a lookout since my sister was carrying my nephew and it was very hot out.

The beginning of our trail was also the mountain biking trail and did involve walking up some gravel. The trail wasn’t overly difficult and was easily accomplished using running shoes. After the hike, we headed back down to enjoy a swim at the lake. My nephew loves to “swim” as in crawl into the water and think he could swim, so into the water we went. After swimming, we grabbed some freezies from the concession stand at the lake. We didn’t end up doing any of the paid activities as this was the third hike for myself and Daniel and my sister needed to head out before traffic.

Kelso Conservation Area

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Bring water – hydration is essential!
  • Parking is included with your park pass, so just display it on your dashboard
  • Your daily entrance fee receipt provides access to ALL Halton Parks for that same day, so if you can hit up multiple parks.
  • Bring a swimsuit for the lake
  • Spend the day there as a few hours just isn’t enough

Total Cost = $7 CAD

  • Admission was $7 CAD

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