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  • Mount Baldy
    British Columbia

    CANADA: Mount Baldy Lookout Trail

    When it comes to hiking destinations that offer a perfect blend of breathtaking views (when it’s not smokey), and a touch of tranquility, Mount Baldy in Sorrento, British Columbia, takes center…

  • Canada Ontario

    7 Halton Parks Rated Best to Worst

    How did you come up with this rating? The number of activities, the length of the trails, and our overall experience at each one determined the position from best to worst. Of…

  • Halton Parks
    Canada Ontario

    Canada: Mount Nemo Conservation Area

    Nestled away from the crowds, Mount Nemo Conservation Area has sprawling short trails to explore and breath-taking escarpments. It offers views of the CN Tower, rock climbing and the seclusion adventurers…

  • Crawford Lake Conservation Area
    Canada Ontario

    Canada: Crawford Lake Conservation Area

    Of the seven Halton Parks hiking trails, Crawford Lake Conservation Area can be accessed through Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area and vice versa. Home to Crawford Lake, an Iroquoian village learning centre,…

  • Rattlesnake Point Lookout
    Canada Ontario

    Canada: Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

    One of the seven hiking trails that belong to the Halton Parks, the Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area boasts of soaring turkey vultures, scenic look-out points, and thousand-year-old cedars. Take in panoramic…

  • Hilton Falls Conservation Area
    Canada Ontario

    Canada: Hilton Falls Conservation Area

    One of my favourites out of the seven Halton Parks, the Hilton Falls Conservation Area boasts of rushing rivers, waterfalls, and a picturesque reservoir. The cascading greenery throughout the hiking trails…

  • Tropic Air Great Blue Hole Tour
    Belize Central America

    Belize: Great Blue Hole

    Tropic Air Great Blue Hole Tour Trying to surprise my parents with a trip to the Great Blue Hole seemed to be a task that wasn’t in my favour. In constant…