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Canada: Crawford Lake Conservation Area

Crawford Lake Conservation Area

From my previous posts – Hilton Falls and Robert Edmondson – you probably have noticed they have started off talking about the sexual harassment in the workplace. Today’s post is no different, as I try to work through my own thoughts and feelings on my experiences thus far.  A former co-worker wrote a letter to HR describing instances of sexual harassment that occurred while she worked there. My boss at the time told me about this letter. Two individuals – a vice president and a sales manager – “received slaps on their wrist” as he described it. It was the comments after in which I lost respect for my boss. He couldn’t understand how this past employee could do him dirty like that. For me I didn’t get it, she didn’t report our boss, but in his mind, she did his friend, the sales manager dirty. She told her truth, I never read the letter, but I know it wasn’t taken seriously by the top people which is saddening. Reporting sexual harassment should be encouraged, but it wasn’t. Unfortunately, she couldn’t go to HR during her employment or she would have received backlash. It was at that moment that I knew I couldn’t say anything about the sales manager.

Of the seven Halton Parks hiking trails, Crawford Lake Conservation Area can be accessed through Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area and vice versa. Home to Crawford Lake, an Iroquoian village learning centre, and soaring turkey vultures take the opportunity to explore via the boardwalk.

Hiking Crawford Lake

Getting to Crawford Lake Conservation Area

Driving along Conservation Road, there was a sign to turn into Crawford Lake Conservation Area. Having already paid the admission fee, we just displayed the ticket at the entrance and proceeded to park. My fourth hike of the day, I was ready for a leisurely walk around the boardwalk. Surprisingly the walk isn’t very long, so we decided to head to a lookout point to view the turkey vultures.

The turkey vultures soaring high above us with their massive wingspan brought an ominous feeling to the lookout point.

Crawford Lake Conservation Area

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Bring water – hydration is essential!
  • Parking is included with your park pass, so just display it on your dashboard
  • The boardwalk isn’t difficult and would be easy for small children and the elderly.

Total Cost = $0 CAD

  • Admission of $7 CAD was paid at another park

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