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Canada: The Lavender Farm

Lavender field instagram photo

Have you ever had that bittersweet feeling? The end of June was turning into something like that. The Lavender Farm was definitely the happy aspect of June as I was spending time with my sister and nephew, but it came at the cost of being extremely hurt by someone else. My time had been preoccupied with this “someone else” and now that they were out of my life, I turned to my family for comfort and support. I was overwhelmed by feelings of betrayal, anger, and most of all sadness.

Can you get to the Lavender Farm already? I’m sharing this with you because it’s real life, and often times when traveling and exploring people like to portray the ups and never the downs. I’m human – I have happy moments and sad – the Lavender Farm was a bittersweet moment.

The Lavender Farm’s Instagram worthy, purple-hued flowers are located in Ayr, Ontario just south of Kitchener and west of Cambridge. The farm has been in the Gillies family since 1882 and has been growing lavender since 2011. Visiting the farm is absolutely free, just check the hours on their website.

Lavender Field Instagram Photos

The effervescent lavender rows blew in the wind providing a great backdrop for our Instagram photos. I’m not going to lie, we went there specifically with Instagram in mind and definitely weren’t disappointed. We had a great time walking up and down the rows of the branched, short shrubs with blue-violet flowers.

Girl walking in a lavender field

We chose this farm for two reasons: first, it was close to where my sister lived and second, it was free. There are some other lavender farms charging for entry to take photos which frankly kudos to them for monetizing millennials need for Instagram pictures. My sister ended up buying lavender honey from the shop, as a thank you for letting us graciously take photos in their fields.

Ontario lavender farm

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Dress to impress – obviously
  • Bees! You’re in a field of flowers, of course, there will be bees
  • The store takes credit card

Total Cost = $7.50 CAD

  • Admission = Free
  • Lavender honey = $7.50 CAD

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