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Canada: Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

Hiking Credit Valley Conservation Area

Hiking the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail

I’ve been on a quest lately to try and experience as many conservation areas/parks in Ontario, Canada. Why? Nothing helps clear your mind, body and soul better than hiking – okay, okay, she is getting all hippie on us! That’s not the case, well maybe… but really, ever since discovering the Halton Parks I’ve become addicted to hiking. The goal is to start locally, meaning roughly an hour distance from my house and hiking everywhere in between. This leads us to the Credit Valley Conservation, which is made up of 11 conservation areas in total. We made our way to the walking and raised boardwalk trails of Rattray Marsh Conservation Area in Mississauga, Ontario. With the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail, you are able to capture views of Toronto’s downtown shoreline including the CN Tower.

Mississauga Trails

Getting to Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

Driving down the residential Bexhill Road, you will come across a sign for the conservation area at the end of the road. There isn’t a parking lot, but free street parking is available. Rattray Marsh doesn’t require a park permit, but if you would like to leave a donation for the park, there is a donation box at the entrance.

We made our way down the paved pathway to the trail map to determine our next route. Now we’ve been twice to Rattray Marsh Conservation Area and each time exploring different routes. If you don’t have much time there, my recommendation would be to head towards the Ontario shoreline path (so left), to see the beautiful view of the downtown core and the marsh. If you have more time to explore, the park is achievable in an hour at a brisk pace.

Hiking trails in Mississauga

Things to Know Before You Go

  • No park permit fee, but if you are feeling generous there is a donation box at the entrance
  • No parking lot, but street parking is available (update: they require you to park at Jack Darling)
  • There are no washrooms
  • The hiking isn’t difficult

Total Cost = FREE

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