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Canada: Rouge National Urban Park

Toronto National Park

It’s Canada’s 150th year, and it’s time to explore all that Canada has to offer. Or perhaps taking advantage of Parks Canada 2017 Discovery Pass this year because it’s free!

First up is Rouge National Urban Park – I couldn’t believe that there was a national park so close to Toronto. Parking our cars at the Glen Rouge Campground parking lot off Kingston Road. Aisha, Karina, and I made our way into the free park for our hiking adventure.

Travel Tip


Picking trails at random to see where it would take us, we funnily enough hiked through the whole park and back. Taking around 2 hours give or take a few minutes we convinced ourselves that we would be ready to do a tough mudder after this hike – not really, but wishful thinking. The trails are definitely not difficult in Rouge National Park and the paths are clearly made so no worries about climbing through tough terrain. Surprisingly, at the end of one trial we even spotted a deer!

Washroom Travel Tip

For those who want to escape the city for the day, I recommend heading out to Rouge National Park as it is easily accessible by bus, train, car, subway and even canoe or paddle boards.

Total Cost = FREE

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