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Malaysia: Petronas Twin Towers

Towers in Kuala Lumpur

Raring to go, we were all ready to see the sights after breakfast. First stop was to see the Petronas Twin Towers and to go up them for free. However, during our breakfast/lunch, we discovered that they are closed on Mondays! Yes, of all days to be closed this was the day! So we were going to have another glorious day of sightseeing…

Of course, we started our day at Nandos, except this time I opted to grab KFC instead to save a few dollars as Nandos tends to add up after adding fries, etc… After devouring our food, the girls (Liz, Tonia and I) went back to our terrible hostel – Backpackers Travellers Inn – to purchase bus tickets to Taman Negara from their travel agency. Bus & boat tickets came to 79.50 RM for each person.

With a pep in our step or a pep in Pringle’s step, we were off to Petronas Twin Towers for some outside pictures, as well as the aquarium. Being from Toronto, I previously visited the Ripley’s Aquarium and decided that I would rather walk around the mall, so the Brits headed in. Before marching out today we looked at the Top 10 Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur and to be honest there aren’t that many great things to chose from. The city is modern and clean, but as a tourist, it lacks that something special.

You need to believe in people, and their ability to grow and to change. You can never give up hope. – Michelle Yeoh

Total Cost = 126.5 RM

  • Arenaa Mountbatten Accommodation 31 RM
  • KFC Potato Bowl 5.50 RM
  • Double Chocolate Chip Milkshake 8.50 RM
  • Chips 2 RM
  • Bus & Boat to Taman Negara 79.50 RM

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