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Singapore: Sentosa

Man made theme park in Singapore

Taking the lead from the below quote, we decided to join my two friends from back home Michael and Shirley as they embarked on Sentosa for the day. I’m not 100% sure what I was expecting of the island, but in true Singaporean form, it was kind of a letdown.

Meeting at Dhoby Ghaut, on the purple platform – three University of Waterloo graduates met for the first time in years. Quickly sorting out which train we were to get on, all three of us raced on, but sadly Tonia didn’t make it in time before the doors closed. Don’t worry she met up with us at Harbourfront.

Singapore theme park

Once at Harbourfront station, we made our way to the Sentosa express, paying $4 SGD to get across to the island. The activities on the island for what they are, seem to be a little overpriced so we headed straight to the beach. Now you can ride the express right to the beach, but not really having a plan we got off at the first stop. Sentosa was more of a “catch-up” time, as I hadn’t seen Michael and Shirley in a couple of years. It’s actually funny that all three of us aren’t really doing what we thought we would be doing back when we first started university. But with that said, the possibilities are endless and now is kind of our time to explore. Right, if not now… then when?

Feeling a bit thirsty we went to find drinks. Again the island is a bit overpriced, especially with food and drinks. Stumbling across a McDonald’s with the happiest employees I’ve ever seen and some of the oldest. They all greeted us spectacularly and waved goodbye as we left.

Pictures at Hard Rock Cafe

Jumping back on the Sentosa express to head back to Harbourfront as we missed the cable car entrance. Feeling a bit famished and wanting some cheap good food we walked about 10 minutes from Outram Park station to a food court. Now I did warn Michael and Shirley that whenever Tonia and I go out in Singapore it rains and sure enough it did! When I say it rains, I mean torrential downpour. Scarce cabs available, we decided to walk under the covers of the stores as far as possible and eventually just making a run for it through the rain. We said our goodbyes on the MRT as our day adventure came to an end.

I went back to the apartment and started following Shirley’s dog Tibby so check out Tibby’s instagram account: @Tibbythecorgi.

Overall, Sentosa is good if you have money to burn and are looking for some thrills that frankly you could get in the States for cheaper and with a bigger amusement park.

The only way to avoid making mistakes is not to do anything. And that… will be the ultimate mistake. – Goh Keng Swee

Total Cost = $16.10 SGD

  • Sentosa Express $4 SGD
  • Dhoby Ghaut to Harbourfront $1.60 SGD
  • Harbourfront to Outram Park $1.40 SGD
  • Outram Park to Rochor Station $1.60 SGD
  • Fresh juice $2.50 SGD
  • Duck and Rice $3 SGD
  • Can juice from vending machine $2 SGD

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