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Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

Going out in Kuala Lumpur

After that disaster of a hostel, it was time to honour the one and only Liz, as she celebrated her birthday by embracing the Kuala Lumpur nightlife scene!

We began our day switching from the filthy hostel to a hotel room with 6 beds. We were excited to have a clean room, and showers! It definitely started off the birthday in a good mood. Next up was our walk to Berjaya Times Square Mall.

We really wanted to ride the roller-coaster in the mall, but unfortunately like most things in Malaysia it was broken. So the next best thing was bowling with some 70’s velcro shoes – we were on our way to striking out.

After the bowling – which Jake missed out on – we decided it was time for some birthday drinks, and for Tonia to propose to Liz with our engraved gin & tonic ring. With me still having the “stay sober” mentality since partying way too much in Thailand, I got a sprite while the rest consumed some alcoholic beverages before moving onto the next place for some food. Malaysia isn’t the cheapest place for food, so an expensive pizza later we decided it was time to head back and start Liz’s party! Liz finally got to be in the line!! (Inside joke). Malaysia being predominately a Muslim country there aren’t that many spots to go out drinking, so the best nightlife that we found was the Reggae Mansion hostel rooftop.

We all danced the night away and had a great time. It was great being able to celebrate Liz’s birthday with some awesome friends that we met back in Vietnam. Crazy how things work out, and I was glad she had a great night. Lots of love Liz. xoxo

I’m constantly inspired by great people and the great things they’ve done. So I believe it’s our duty to be great so as to inspire the generations to come. Greatness, success; it’s a choice. It’s up to you. I chose to not live the life I was given. I chose to not accept the poverty I was born into. I chose a better life for my family & for my mum. And I managed to make a name for myself. If we believe in something and have the compelling desire to succeed, then we will succeed – that is our destiny!  –  Afdlin Shauki

Total Cost = 51 RM

  • Soft Drink at Reggae Mansion 5 RM
  • Reggae Bar Food 8 RM
  • Breakfast at Reggae Mansion 15 RM
  • Bowling 15 RM
  • Socks 8 RM

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