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Iceland: Top 5 Things to Know for Travel in Iceland

Iceland landscape photography
  1. Buy Duty-Free Alcohol – In comparison to Canadian prices, alcohol isn’t cheap, so while at the airport it’s best to buy in your home country before landing in Iceland. Alcohol was important on our trip and it may not be important on yours but for us traveling on a budget, it was best for us to buy in Canada.
  2. Language – Most people in Iceland speak both English and Icelandic, so don’t worry about not knowing the language as restaurant menus are in English as well.
  3. Rent a Car – The tours are fun, we had a great time on ours, but you can definitely do it yourself and see more by renting a car. Yes, renting a car isn’t cheap either but you will see more and don’t waste as much time waiting for others if you went on a tour bus. If you are traveling alone, renting a car might be more expensive for you than a tour however, depending on how adventurous you are, you could see more in a shorter period of time than going on several tours over several days. Also, as all the waterfalls are free it doesn’t cost you anything to stop at all of the lookout points.
  4. Take Snacks – As most places are quite expensive when it comes to food, if you are able, try to take snacks especially to the blue lagoon you will save yourself some money. As well, buying snacks at any of the grocery stores in Iceland as whatever you buy there is more than likely cheaper than buying food individually at restaurants. We made sandwiches to cover our lunches for the days we were there. The only problem we found is not knowing what you are exactly buying as it was written in Icelandic.
  5. Camera – This one may seem a bit obvious but we missed out on some great photographs by only having cell phones. Ensure you have a good camera for the Northern Lights, or perhaps one that is waterproof for the Blue Lagoon – having a waterproof camera will save you in the long-run (I learned that the hard way).


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