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Belize: Great Blue Hole

Tropic Air Great Blue Hole Tour

Tropic Air Great Blue Hole Tour

Trying to surprise my parents with a trip to the Great Blue Hole seemed to be a task that wasn’t in my favour. In constant contact with Tropic Air, Maya Island Air, and Tsunami Adventures I was attempting to book a last minute flight over the Great Blue Hole. I finally selected Tsunami Adventures for two reasons (1) it was significantly cheaper ($200 USD per person) and (2) the plane was smaller so fewer an easier opportunity to take photos from the windows. As whatsapp is quite popular on the islands, I reached out to Tsunami Adventures via whatsapp as they were located on Caye Caulker. In order to not pay tax on the flight, she wanted a cash deposit ($125 USD per person) paid at the main dock in Caye Caulker. As I was trying to do this secretly, we made our way towards the beach on Caye Caulker (see this post on our experience there) before I circled back to the main dock to pay her.


Fast forward to later that evening at 10:30 pm where I received the message that the pilot cannot fly the next day. So back to the drawing board… reaching out to Tropic Air’s customer service they had availability as long as I paid ($269 USD per person) by 9 am. Luckily, we had rented a golf cart again and had to drop off the driver. So I ended up having to let my dad know to drop me off at Tropic Air – so his surprise was a bit ruined at that point.

Next up was slowing down my mom, and not letting her know what was happening. We drove the golf cart to the airport, checked in and waited for a half an hour. We told her that we are going parasailing and that she would get wet. As they ushered us to the plane, a lady picked me to sit in the co-pilot seat. The flight left at 11:00 am with around 11 or so people and my parents were situated in the back two seats. The pilot, for the most part, was on autopilot and using no hands other than to snapchat. Although sitting in the front was cool, I think I’d rather a side window to avoid the glare & the weird curvature of the window for taking photos.

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Total Cost = 807 USD

  • 807 USD/3 = 269 USD per person

Did you get your deposit back from Tsunami Adventures? Yes, she sent it over on the Ocean Ferry.

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