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Belize: Departure Tax

Leaving Belize City via WestJet

Slowing down with every speed bump or “sleeping police,” we puttered down the cobblestone road in our golf cart. We stopped off at Rocks rental to grab the driver who we are returning the golf cart to after he drops us off at the San Pedro Express bost dock.  The driver was the brother we had met once before at the docks, but this time it seemed as though we woke him up – it was only a two block drive from where we picked him up so it wasn’t a big deal for him to quickly go back to sleep after he dropped us off.

Arriving at the docks, the San Pedro Express representative took our luggage while we headed over to check-in. The check-in process consists of handing over our return tickets and them hole punching the ticket. A bit before 8:30 am we started pilling into the boat. Similar to the boat ride to San Pedro it took around 1 hour and a half to arrive at Belize City.

Once there we are greeted by an abundance of taxi drivers surrounding the area where we pick up our luggage. The taxi to the airport was a total of $30 USD for the three of us. We did read that prices from the airport are typically $35 per couple, an extra person would be an extra $35 USD. My father asked what the typical price is and was told $25 USD for a couple and $5 for each extra person.

When getting into the van we were pleasantly surprised it contained two passengers in the back. We still aren’t sure if these were the driver’s kids or people he was going to drop off later.

When at the airport we checked in, ate our sandwiches and then pulled out the short forms we received on the flight over – these are to be handed into immigration. Don’t worry if you don’t have that form still, they are in a box a the front of the line. We read in a flight magazine that you had to pay a departure tax, and we asked at Tropic Air on San Pedro and we were told it’s $50 USD, so we planned to pay that. From what we’ve read online, the departure tax can range anywhere from $35 to $ 60 USD – no one seems to be sure on the actual price. But we actually ended up not having to pay any departure fee. We aren’t quite sure if that fee was already incorporated into our WestJet flight price or not.

So with all that said, our recommendation would be to set aside at least $60 USD in case you are asked to pay the departure tax as you leave Belize. We know this didn’t help any more than the rest of the things we read online, but hopefully, you luck out like we did and not have to pay extra to depart Belize.

Total Price

  • Taxi from Water Taxi Terminal to Airport – $30 USD



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