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Australia: Sydney Border Crossing

Backpacker view of sydney harbour

Bali here I come… just kidding, I have a 5 hour layover at the airport. Being a backpacker on a budget the cheapest flight I could find from Singapore to Sydney had a layover in Bali so thankfully there is free wifi at the Bali airport! My new British friend, Laura, who I met on the previous flight provided me with great insight into living in Australia as she was once a backpacker.

Upon arriving at the Sydney International Airport, there are two lanes you can proceed to. One being the epassport line which unfortunately for me, I have the old Canadian passport without the microchip. So welcome to the long line!

The actual processing of my passport was quick, and hassle-free. I quickly grabbed a trolley for my bag and proceeded to the exit where I read a sign that they are filming the show Border Security. (I was happy to not have to appear on the show!) Handing over my declaration card to the border officer as I exited, I was officially in Sydney, Australia.

Now off to the ATM machine, and then OPTUS to obtain a sim card for my phone (all within the airport.) Taking the train out of the airport is expensive around $17 to just leave the airport, so I opted for the public bus at $4 AUD. A man did try to tell me that there are no buses for $4 only shuttle buses, but he worked for the shuttle buses and lied to my face.

One thing about the buses in Australia that I noticed, they do not announce the bus stops, so you pretty much have to know where you are going. Pulling out my dying phone, I switched on MAPS.ME app to track where I needed to go. Once at Bondi Junction the next step was to take the train to Circle Quay, but first I needed to grab something to eat. Finally arriving at Circle Quay, next up was a ferry to Manly, but first I snapped some photos of the view. Dragging my feet to the ferry dock, as I have somehow accumulated more things – going from 13 kg to now having 17 kg. After around a 15-20 minute ferry ride, I was finally at Manly where I found myself a nice spot on the beach to have a nap. Oh did I need a nap!

We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home. – Australian Aboriginal Proverb

Total Cost = $67.50

  • Bottle of water $3 AUD
  • Bus to Bondi Junction $4 AUD
  • SIM Card & Monthly credit $40 AUD
  • Train to Circle Quay $4 AUD
  • Burrito $8 AUD
  • Ferry to Manly $8.50 AUD

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