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Airline Review: WOW Air

Toronto to Reykjavik

Since it’s a relatively new airline, I know many people are a bit skeptical of this unknown airline with cheap prices, but it’s the real deal.

Being on a budget, I opt out of paying extra for checked luggage, as well as paying extra for more hand luggage weight. Basically, if my carry-on luggage weighs less than 5 kg it’s free otherwise I have to pay. It makes sense as they are a budget airline, but this is a first for seeing a carry-on charged by its weight. My carry-on weighing 5.7 kg is over the allowance but luckily enough she let it slide – saying to her that I would wear all of my clothing if I had to.

The delay of the flight to Iceland was due to something happening in Iceland on land. I didn’t mind the delay as it meant I wouldn’t be arriving at 4 am, rather around 7 am instead. Safely nestling into the middle seat as I didn’t pay extra to chose my seat, I was out like a light bulb. Surprisingly sleeping most of the flight to Iceland, so I was extremely happy about that.

Going through customs at the airport was pretty easy, the only thing I wasn’t happy about was the fact that they used a new page in my passport to put the stamp. Showing her several spots that are free on pages with previous stamps, but apparently they have to be across from each other. Travelling for so long now, passport pages are precious to me as it means one less visa I can get.

Checking in online for the flight back to Canada, I was very thankful I did after seeing the line. Also, by checking in online they didn’t weigh my luggage again, so I made my way straight to security and the gate. Thinking about buying duty free, I decided not to after converting the price as it wasn’t any cheaper than buying alcohol in Canada.

Boarding us late, the flight was delayed again. Nestling in the middle seat, I had a harder time sleeping as it was an early flight but I tried my best!

Would I use WOW Air again? Of course I would. Cheap, easy and nothing to complain about. ​

Round Trip Flight to Iceland from Canada

You will reach your destination even though you travel slowly – Icelandic Proverb

Total Cost = $400 CAD

  • Round trip airfare $400 CAD


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