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Accommodation Review: Darwin Chili’s Backpackers Hostel

Darwin hostel review

Although the hostel in Darwin was okay during my stay, the actions of the reception afterwards with regards to an incident with my friend isn’t okay. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend backpackers in Australia stay there.

In the downtown core of Darwin, on the infamous Mitchell St right next to Coles, the three storey Chili’s Backpackers hostel is ideal for those ready to party. It is very convenient for backpackers who are working in the CBD and for those with no transportation as all the buses lead to the Darwin CBD.

With two “hot” tubs aka cold tubs, an outdoor kitchen & lounge and paid laundry facilities the hostel comes well equipped. Cooking utensils can be rented from the reception by leaving your room key and plastic eating cutlery can be purchased for $2. Luckily for us, people left theirs behind so we saved ourselves $2. The cleaners would clean the rooms on a daily basis and I never had any issues with waiting for a shower as there were plenty available.

Although you can’t bring in your own alcohol, we did anyways since honestly they never check or say anything. It didn’t really have a cool place to chill and drink other than near the hot tubs unlike the hostel across the road. Depending on who was at the reception determined how well you would be helped.

Final Rating – 1 Star
My final rating of 1 star comes from an incident that happened with a friend of mine there. This place really doesn’t deserve any star or rating. A friend of ours reported an incident to management about an older gentleman staring at him through the crack of the shower and asking to join him in the shower. He told reception and the manager and even pointed out the guy. Management confirmed via the cameras that they were in the showers at the same time and asked the guy who told a different story, obviously. They said not enough people reported an incident against the guy so nothing has happened. If it was a girl maybe something would have happened to make management respond but clearly they don’t give a shit. Even reception agreed with us on asking the perve to leave. When we told them to tell the manager that we would leave a negative review, they responded with, “Go Ahead.” So I have went ahead, and encourage others to not stay there until management makes a change with how they view unacceptable behaviour by their guests.

Accommodation in Darwin – 5 Night Stay Hostel Review

Total Cost = $150

  • Key Deposit $20 AUD
  • 6 Bed Mixed Dorm 5 nights x $30 = $150

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