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Singapore: Overall Impression of Singapore

Travelling to Singapore

This post is going to be a wrap-up of my thoughts on Singapore as a whole and the workings of their airport.

Our Southeast Asian journey finally came to an end. We departed via MRT for the airport with Tonia heading to terminal 3 and myself heading to terminal 1.  We said our final goodbyes and had a laugh as this was the end of an epic journey that ended in a boring city.

Getting a stamp out of Singapore was hassle free, with the border officer offering me candy and telling jokes. At the end, there is a small TV screen where you can rate your experience with the border officer. Now off to find my gate and connect to the wifi. The wifi is free at the airport, but you need to go to an information desk to obtain the password unless your phone can receive texts.

So as my journey in Singapore ended, I’ve noted now some final thoughts on being a tourist there:

  • Singaporeans are extremely nice and are willing to stop and help
  • The streets, subway, airport, and washrooms are all clean
  • A LOT of expats live there
  • Singaporean English is a bit different, and sometimes hard to understand
  • Taxi stops are common
  • Bus drivers try to help you get the right amount of change from other passengers as they don’t provide change back
  • It is expensive, especially drinking
  • There are some cheap food courts for meals ranging from $2-$4
  • So many shopping malls – basically every corner
  • There are not many things to do – it’s boring
  • The “sights to see” aren’t that great, seems like the Asian Dubai
  • Extremely safe – we didn’t even lock our door at night
  • Expats like to talk about how much money they make

Overall, Singaporean’s are nice people living in a clean and safe city, but it is BORING. I thought my cousin was joking when he first told me that, but honestly staying longer than 3 or 4 days isn’t worth it.

Total Amount Spent in Singapore = $200 SGD

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