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Singapore: Nightlife on Club Street

Partying on Club St at Drinks Co.

Let’s go eat! After devouring a meal, rather three plates full of food at a buffet – it was time to party! Finding cheap drinks for a night out in Singapore is a feat in itself, but luckily Club St offers some cheap bottles in comparison to the rest of Singapore.

Backpackers partying in Singapore

Jumping in a cab to Club St, we are dropped at the end of the road, as they have pedestrianized the street. Deciding between Drinks & Co, and Drinks & Kitchen Co. – which honestly look the exact same and probably owned by the same person. Purchasing a bottle of pear vodka for $69, and juice which was an astounding $26 for something that is $3 at the supermarket we were on our way to getting intoxicated and enjoying a little bit of Singapore’s nightlife.

Partying and drinking in Singapore

One thing to note, as a female going out on Club St, you won’t have any issue with males approaching you and furthermore offering to buy you drinks. The one thing I have never really liked and probably won’t get used to is when men boast about their income or something expensive they bought. Honestly, I could careless about how much you make, rather I care if you are a nice person who wants to make a difference.

After getting persuaded to go to Kyo Club by a gentleman Tonia met, we proceeded to head to the nightclub with his friends. Note if you are going out in Singapore slippers aka flip flops are a “no no” and you are better off wearing running shoes. Being a backpacker I only have flip flops or my dirty running shoes, so luckily the one girl knew someone at the club and we were able to get in with our flip flops on. The club was average with lots of fog, young & old crowds, and substandard music.

You are the one who can determine your own success – yes, life may be hard on you, but if you try, you can succeed and others have. – Ng Eng Hen

Total Cost = $14 SGD

  • Fishbowl camera attachment $10 SGD
  • Selfie stick $4 SGD

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