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Shopping in Kuala Lumpur

As the majority of the group was nursing a hangover (except Liz and I) from the prior day we started off a bit late. Stumbling over to Nandos for “breakfast” aka lunch by the time we got there, us girls started talking about the observations we made of the walk over there. There were A LOT of men on the streets and barely any women! Of course, the guys noticed nothing, but it reminded me a lot of India and the stares that followed. After breakfast is when the real sightseeing began…

Nandos Restaurant

Okay, we actually didn’t do any sightseeing really. We went to the same mall as the prior day. The boys wanted to watch Star Wars for the second time, and Liz and I wanted to shop but first, we needed to find a travel agency.  No travel agencies were open, and those that were didn’t book buses to Taman Negara, so our dreams of leaving the next morning wasn’t becoming a reality. Note to fellow travellers, shops in Kuala Lumpur are mostly closed on Sunday except for the malls.

As the boys and Tonia went to watch the movie, Liz and I proceeded to browse the stores. Now shopping for clothes should be as easy as one would think, but sadly no. They for some reason don’t let you try on the clothes and being foreigners this is a must in an Asian country for sizing reasons. It appears they have adopted the notion of “one-size” fits all, as there weren’t any sizes on anything.

Liz and I were only able to purchase jewellery and sadly passed by the stores of clothes! Liz wanting to get her side braids redone looked up a stylist that was in the mall. The stylist wasn’t available until later so we tried another one who referred us back to the original stylist. So we tried another one which was a barbershop full of men, who referred us back to the original stylist!

The mall did provide some Malaysian dancing entertainment with fans, vibrant clothes, and upbeat music. We watched for a bit before proceeding to leave. Maybe we will do some sightseeing the next day?

In our endless quest for material wealth we often forget that sometimes, the most precious gifts are the ones that come from the heart. – Raja Zarith Sofia

Total Cost = 104.75 RM

  • Arena Mountbatten Accommodation 31 RM
  • Ear Cuff 37 RM
  • Nandos for Breakfast 20 RM
  • Reggae Bar for Dinner 8 RM
  • McFlurry 5.75 RM
  • M&M’s 3 RM

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