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Malaysia: Night Market in Penang

George Town Food in Malaysia

Just arriving off the bus from Thailand, I messaged the gang – Callum, Liz, Jake & Pringle to meet up in what looked like a deserted town as all shops seemed to be closed. They heard of a night market that was supposed to be the best in Penang city, so off we went to find this infamous night market.

Walking for what was initially supposed to be 2 km from the hostel turned into probably over a hour walk. I honestly can’t tell you the route we took, but more than likely there was a faster one but we did get to see the shoreline. Well I got to see the shoreline for the first time, the others had already seen it previously. Stopping quickly at a 7-Eleven to grab something to drink since we were still not at the night market yet. We almost gave up hope, as everyone we stopped to ask either seemed confused or said we were almost there. After finally arriving at the night market, absolutely none of the food looked appetizing, and most of the food stalls were closed. This was supposed to be the biggest food night market in George Town! Back tracking to a bunch of cabs we saw earlier, we decided it was best to head back to the night market closer to the hostel where they went to the night before.

Red Garden Food Paradise & Night Market has plenty of different food options. What you do first is find a table then proceed to one of the food stalls. Place your order, pay and then tell them your table number and they will bring the food to you. For any drinks, servers will come to your table and you order a drink from them.

Jake, Pringle, and Callum all ordered from the same food stall. When the food arrived none of them were sure that it was the right food, but they did take a bite out of it. It turned out that it wasn’t the right food, so the server took the plates and proceeded to serve them to the correct table. At that point I got up and told the table that the food had already been sampled and to not eat it. Now the boys said I should have done that after they had gotten their food in case the server spit in theirs but I couldn’t let other people eat something that a stranger ate from.The servers at that food stall were extremely rude after and very unorganized.

Overall, the food night markets in George Town, Penang aren’t very impressive.

We’re unique, like durian – Anonymous

Finding Authentic Food in George Town

Total Cost = 28 RM

  • Taxi 17 RM/3 people = 6 RM
  • Juice from 7-Eleven 4 RM
  • Food from Night Market 18 RM


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