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Iceland: Sightseeing in Reykjavik

Church in Reykjavik

​Dragging my feet off the early morning bus from Reykjavik airport to the bus terminal, I wasn’t quite prepared for the crisp morning air.

Quickly spotting an ATM, I withdrew 20,000 ISK – I wasn’t quite sure at the time how much that converted to as it appeared 20.00 on the machine but it turned out to around $250. Previously, I had booked everything online, so I really only needed the money for food.

My ten minute walk towards the Airbnb apartment was quick and easy as I used MAPS.ME app to navigate. With greetings from the girls and a nap for all of us, we were excited to see the sights later that day.

The downtown core isn’t that big, within 10 minutes of walking from our apartment we were there. The style of buildings and houses are similar in style to the ones in Denmark. Walking down the main street, we decided to grab a bite at The Laundromat Cafe, as Karen heard from coworkers that we needed to eat there. The eclectic interior, with books, and maps added a great element to the place – as well as the laundry machines downstairs! I had an egg plant sandwich of some sort, it wasn’t the best sandwich I’ve ever had but it was okay. The other two opted for the grilled cheese. One thing to note, things aren’t cheap in Iceland – again similar to Denmark, alcohol and food added up.

After lunch we did a loop around the city, seeing the Harpa down near the shoreline, walking into some random shops, buying groceries to help save some money and taking group photos near the Hallgrimskirkja church. After having felt like we saw most of the city, we headed back to our Airbnb apartment to start our drinking.

Reykjavik Feels Like a Small Town

Total Cost = 7,250 ISK

  • Bus from airport to terminal round trip 4,000 ISK
  • Lunch 2,300 ISK
  • Groceries 950 ISK

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