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Iceland: Overall Impression and Thoughts

Waterfall in Iceland

Iceland is the perfect getaway if you have a stopover to another country. I went for a mini vacation but many others we met were on a layover stop. Next time I will definitely try to do a layover in Iceland if I can.

Waterfall tour in Iceland

As my trip to Iceland came to an end, I noted some final thoughts on being a tourist there:

  • Icelandic people are extremely nice and helpful
  • Everyone is out to have a good time and party, we even were offered to continue partying with some young people next door.
  • Iceland isn’t cheap so bring some snacks from home if you are on a budget and get duty free alcohol
  • If you miss your tour don’t worry they will let you reschedule at not exta cost
  • If you have the time try renting a car and drive across Iceland as all the waterfalls are free
  • There is a lot of volcanic ash
  • Most people speak very good English

Overall, Icelandic people are great fun, and we enjoyed our time there immensely. I definitely will go back the next time I can work a layover in Iceland into my travel plans.

A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will – Icelandic Proverb

Total Amount Spent in Iceland = 102, 428 ISK

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