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Iceland: Food in Reykjavik

Food in Iceland

Karen: “What time is it?
Julie: “7 am”
Karen: “Oh okay.”
Steph: “No it’s not! It’s 10 am, we missed our tour!”

Suerta Kaffid Restaurant

That was the result of our night out drinking heavily. My phone still on Toronto EST time didn’t realize the time difference. Wide awake, I quickly found the phone number of the blue lagoon to see if we could arrange a time to push that back a day, and do the tour tomorrow as Karen was leaving in the afternoon the following day.

With luck on our side we were able to reschedule our tour for tomorrow, and the blue lagoon for the morning of the next day. Super pumped that Reykjavik Excursions and Blue Lagoon were so accommodating and we didn’t lose our money, that we decided it was best to go back to sleep.

A couple hours later when we could function again, we decided it was time to head out for some food. The bread soup bowls we saw the day before became very enticing. Karen and I ordered the Mexican soup, and Steph ordered the Italian soup. With that being the only thing on the menu, our soup came quickly. The best meal we had while in Iceland!

After that we decided it was another early night as we actually needed to make our tour tomorrow.

Total Cost = 1,650 ISK

  • Bread soup bowl 1,650 ISK

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