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Iceland: Blue Lagoon & Silica Mud Masks

Spa day in Iceland

With all of our alarms set again, we were excited for our blue lagoon adventure even though we needed to be at the bus terminal by 7:30 am.

The bus takes around an hour to arrive at the blue lagoon, and as we departed the brisk air sent shivers down our bodies, and we couldn’t wait to be inside! Karen quickly dropped her bag off at the baggage storage area as she was departing for Canada that afternoon.
Displaying our paid vouchers to the cashiers, we were given wrist bands to scan when we purchased any food as we were to pay when we left the blue lagoon. First up was putting our belongings in the free lockers provided, quickly showering, and lathering our hair with conditioner – oh how I appreciate conditioner so much more now!

Geo-thermal baths

We quickly splashed our way into the the blue lagoon enjoying the warmth of the water. Deciding to take my waterproof bag, and my not waterproof camera with me in an attempt to capture some pictures.  I got about three (see above) before we went into the steam room where my camera decided it was time die – RIP camera it was a good run.

Wading further into the lagoon, we thought it was time to try out the free silica mud masks. Two mud masks later our skin had such a youthful glow to it! Feeling a bit hungry and looking like prunes we decided it was best to grab some food. The cheapest thing in the cafe was a sandwich and honestly, I’ve had better overpriced sandwiches.

Geo-thermal spa day


After finishing our lunch, we thought it was time again to go back into the water, but first lathering on the hair conditioner. As we wanted some pictures and Best Buy sold me the wrong components for my GoPro, we carefully used my new Samsung Galaxy S7 to snap some photos – a GoPro would have definitely been ideal for this!

Overall, I recommend going to the blue lagoon if for nothing else but the silica mud mask! We loved those 😀 But be aware that your hair won’t quite feel the same afterwards. RIP my hair it still feels weird.

Birds-eye view of the Icelandic Spa

A good beginning makes a good ending. – Icelandic Proverb

Total Cost = 67 EUR

  • Basic Blue Lagoon package 67 EUR

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