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Not sure of what to do for my birthday, I looked to Groupon to come up with an activity that (1) I hadn’t done before, (2) what I could do with my friends and (3) something that still made me feel young at the end of the day. Luckily enough I found a Groupon for $13 per person for Battle Sports Archery Dodgeball in Toronto.

The $13 dollars didn’t include taxes, but it covered the rental of the equipment, 30-minute teaching and training session and then 60 minutes of various games. When picking a bow, she mentioned that the pounds are based on the flex of the bow, and to remember to pick one you could use for the full hour.

Overall, this is a great activity for a group of friends to do, you don’t really need to have much athletic ability just the willingness to learn and the rest just takes care of itself.

Total Cost = $14.70 CAD

  • $13 Groupon
  • $13 *13% = $1.70 taxes

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