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Canada: Guelph Lake Conservation Area

Guelph Lake Conservation Area

Surrounding a reservoir, Guelph Lake Conservation was created with the Guelph Dam in 1974. Part of the Grand River Conservation Authority, this 1,600 hectares offers two beaches, picnic tables, boating and trails along the outer edge. With the COVID restrictions lessening in Ontario, we often set out early to conservation areas as they tend to be full by the afternoon.

Driving past the first and largest beach, you come to a boat launch where we parked along the grass and inflated our paddleboard. The earlier you are the more likely you will find a spot next to the launch. Of course, you can also launch your paddleboard or kayak from the beach (we didn’t as it was further to walk from the parking). There seems to be plenty of parking across from the beach as most people just parked anywhere they felt like.

The Trails

The trails themselves are difficult to access from within the park, or at least we couldn’t figure it out so we parked outside of the park where the dam road leads to the trails. We attempted the Dragon Tongue and Jurassic trail however, there was only one sign at the beginning – none throughout so we aren’t even 100% sure we even were on the right trails.

Things to Know Before You Go

  • This is a paid conservation area
  • Washroom facilities are available
  • The trails cannot be accessed from inside the conservation area rather they are on the outskirts
  • Boats with motors are allowed

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