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Hostel Parties in Melbourne

Walking down the stairs into the hostel basement with my goon in hand, I didn’t know what to expect. Ever since that first night spent in the basement with my new Irish, Scottish, French and Danish friends, I haven’t left. So Carla, Ally, Karen, Fraser, Matthew, Danielle, Bren, Sara, Laura, and Callum this blog post is for you.

Goon O’Clock” basically is the time to drink goon. Now there is no set time to drink it but it does happen every night in the basement. The basement is comprised of two couches, one yellow wrap-around corner and one blue love seat, as well as various chairs. I would caution anyone from sticking their hand under one of those couches to find something they have dropped. (Many of items have been lost under those couches!)

The first night I joined the group, they were already playing a game where someone would draw a piece of paper from a cup and they would have to read it aloud. Most of the pieces of paper involved spinning while drinking or having Ally spin and drink. One of my favourite pieces of paper was the vegetable game. This is where you pick a vegetable to be and curl your lips under and say, “Cucumber, cucumber, calls on broccoli, broccoli.” Fraser by far was the best broccoli I’ve ever met!

As the nights have gone on, Goon O’Clock continues, and I have become more and more impressed with everyone’s ability to drink every day. So many “Never have I ever”, “Kings Cups”, and “Mafia” games have I been a part of or witnessed. The basement has essentially become the Irish turf, and anyone who lives in the basement dorms I am sure will relish the day when the Irish have moved out, but for now they probably have ear plugs in!​ The Goon O’Clock group (or tribe) have really made my time here in Melbourne memorable.

Total Cost = $13 AUD

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